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September Chiropractic Office Update

First,  I want to personally thank you so much for all of the support that you have provided Sarah and I on our journey to parenthood. Our son, Thomas, is healthy and doing well. Fatherhood has been an amazing experience so far. 

I want to give everyone a couple quick updates to let everyone know what is going on in our office.

  1. We will be closed on Saturday September 26th. I just wanted to let you know because when we have a closed Saturday, it generally increases the demand for appointments on the Saturday before and the Saturday after we are closed. Don’t hesitate to text or call us to get in this weekend if you need to before we are closed the following Saturday. 

  2. Again, I want to thank everyone who gives plenty of notice before cancelling appointments. It has really helped us be able to schedule people who wouldn't otherwise be able to have an appointment. I feel so bad whenever I have to say no to a patient because there are no available appointment times for a specific day.

  3. I am continuing to collect names of people that would like to buy a massage chair. I will create an order form in the office so people can reserve one when I go to make the order. Don’t hesitate to ask for an order form. 

  4. A few people have also been asking about fish oil and other supplements. At this time it is hard to carry supplements in the office because supplements are sold online for so cheap these days. With free 2 day shipping it is hard to compete. And I would prefer that my patients get the best price anyways. I will compile a list of my favorite supplements to make available, with links if possible. Keep an eye out on the website for more details.

As always, don’t ever hesitate to contact me or reach out to me personally if you have concerns about your health, your family’s health, or the office. 

In good health,

Dr. Justin


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