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Do you take insurance?

    Yes. We take pretty much all insurances. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you want to be sure. We will happily verify your benefits before you come!


What will I pay at my visit?

    We do our best to verify your insurance benefits as soon as possible so you know what you will owe each appointment. Everyone will pay different amounts based on their insurance plan. 


Do you offer cash/credit plans?

    Yes. Some people choose to not use their insurance and we are allowed to give those patients a discount due to them paying at the time of service. 


Is treatment expensive?

Compared to other treatment options, treatment is much more affordable. We never expect anyone to make large deposits on treatment or pay before treatment is received. We are more than willing to work with you if you have financial issues. 


Do I need a referral from another doctor?

    No, you do not. Chiropractors are considered portal of entry providers in NC. In very rare situations an insurance company will want a referral. 


Do you treat children?

    Yes, from day one and up. We love treating children and have great success helping them thrive and live pain free. We also have great success treating issues during pregnancy.


Does treatment hurt?

    Our goal is to make treatment feel good and be comfortable. Dr. Justin works very hard and puts extra time into making sure patients feel great during and after treatment.  


Does everyone get treated the same way?

    No. Everyone is different and everyone requires a different treatment plan and different types of treatment.


Do you only work on the spine?

    Dr. Justin works on all joints in the body such as ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows and shoulders.


Do you give massages when patients are treated?

    In a way, yes. Dr. Justin often finds that muscles need to be stretched and relaxed before an adjustment is done. He does this warm up muscle work free-of-charge.


Do I have to keep coming for treatment?

    No. Some people choose to come to do maintenance, but everyone is different.


Do I have to wear special clothing or remove my clothing?

    No. No special clothing is required, but it is requested that you try to avoid wearing short skirts or similar clothing. But we can usually accommodate you if you do.


What does chiropractic education consist of?

    Dr. Justin graduated from Elon University with a Bachelors of Science and then went to Chiropractic school for 10 semesters to receive his doctorate. 


Is treatment safe?

    Treatment is very safe and the doctor will make you aware of any risks prior to treatment.


What techniques do you use?

    Dr. Justin uses a lot of methods to help his patients. The most common is the manual chiropractic adjustment, but this is not always used. He will also use gentle instruments/tools and computerized devices to help assist with treatment. Dr. Justin is also trained in therapeutic exercises and nutrition and he uses them frequently when needed. 


Do you treat athletes?

    Yes. Dr. Justin ran cross-country in college at the D1 level. He understands the injuries that could slow an athlete down and gets them back to play fast. 


What is the popping sound when people get adjusted?

    When someone gets adjusted manually the popping sound is from nitrogen gas moving around in the joints.


What if I have a lot of issues/symptoms?

    No problem, Dr. Justin will listen to every one of them. If he can treat you, he will let you know. If he is unable to treat you, he will make sure to refer you to another provider that can treat you. 


Where are you located?

    We are an Apex, NC Chiropractor. Our chiropractic office is just off of 64 close to Beaver Creek Commons and the 540 interchange.


What is your "style" of treatment?

    We do not consider ourselves to have one style. Our goal is to be the best chiropractor so we examine each patient and do what is best for them.

Performance Family Chiropractic

Notice: You have the right to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” explaining how much your medical care will cost
Under the law, health care providers need to give patients who don’t have insurance or who are not using insurance an estimate of the bill for medical items and services.


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