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2023 Tomato Plant Varieties

Tomato Varieties

Abe Lincoln - A medium to large, red, old fashioned tasting tomato. Indeterminate

Black Beauty - The darkest purple tomato on the list with a very rich flavor. Indeterminate.

Cherokee Purple - A very purple local tomato possibly passed down from the Cherokee. Ind.

Gold Medal - A sweet, large, yellowish tomato. Dr. Justin’s favorite. Indeterminate.

Italian Heirloom - One of the most tasty, large, red tomatoes with a pear-ish shape. Ind.

BBMR Roma - Large yields of plum shaped, small, red/purple fruit. Created by Dr. Justin through special breeding and cross pollination. This tomato can't be found anywhere else. Det.

Red Rosso - Deeply ribbed, rich flavor, red tomato that is great for stuffing. Determinante.

Tasty Evergreen - A large, green when ripe tomato. Indeterminate.


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