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Feeling Inflamed?

There are a wide variety of injuries and diseases that a person may experience in their lifetime and one thing is consistent with all of those diseases. That common denominator is called inflammation. It is often recognized by redness, swelling, pain and often times heat. Everything from cancer to arthritis, to the common cold all involve inflammation. Most people lead lifestyles and have diets that promote inflammation too much. This can lead to permanent cellular damage. With this being said, it is important to do what we can to decrease inflammation especially when injured or sick. The University of Maryland reports that certain proteolytic enzymes may breakdown inflammation and help relieve a wide variety of symptoms. Many patients experience relief of symptoms when taking supplements such as Intenzyme Forte which contains these proteolytic enzymes. The Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has even reported that some of these enzymes could potentially decrease your risk for cancer. If you feel you may have excessive inflammation, ask your doctor how it may be treated.


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