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A Well-Rounded Chiropractor

Most people go to a chiropractor when they have neck pain, back pain, headaches, or “pinched nerves”, but this is not the limit of a good chiropractor's knowledge.

What patients quickly realize is that a well trained chiropractor is also capable of managing other symptoms and conditions that may be present. In many cases, an injury to a foot, for example, may even be related to the patient's back injury. This connection is something that varies from person to person and a well trained chiropractor will be able to determine if it is the case for you.

A quality chiropractor will also do everything possible to help you preserve the ability to take part in the things that you love in life. Maybe you want to be able to run or take long road trips. Back pain or neck pain could limit this and many doctors would tell you to just stop doing those activities from the start without even considering modifications. Sure it may come to that point, but try everything possible to fix the problem first.

In general chiropractors treat patients from a least invasive to most invasive perspective. This means that they believe in starting with treatments that are low risk and will work their way up to more aggressive and higher risk treatments. In the beginning, low risk treatments, such as chiropractic adjustments or stretching may be used, but a good chiropractor will know when it is smart to send a patient to a medical doctor for more invasive management.

No one person is the same and this is true for the type of treatment that may be needed. A savvy chiropractor will be able to notice slight differences between you and your neighbor who have conditions that seem similar, but may be slightly different. This type of chiropractor will also follow a standard of care and best practices that have been set based on recent research, not just based on a certain philosophy that they may prescribe to.

Finally, something that a good chiropractor respects is your time. Some chiropractors rush you in and rush you out and don't spend time answering the questions and addressing concerns that you may have. A good chiropractor knows that part of treatment is giving these answers to patients. They will spend the time that you require, but will not waste your time or money with excessive care.

Dr. Justin Gianni feels that these are all essential qualities to look for in a chiropractor. He practices in a way that follows these characteristics so that his patients can have the best possible outcomes.

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