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Wouldn't it be great if there was a magic formula that could help everyone live healthy lives and lose weight when they wanted to? While most people acknowledged that there are no magic tricks, many still hope that there is one. Most of us want to find that specific vitamin, mineral or drug that if we take, will make us superhuman. Everyone laughs out loud at the thought of this in public, but then secretly hopes that a cure-all fix does exist. Many diets tend to shed the same type of hope on people looking for an easy way out. They lead their new followers to believe that subjecting themselves to an inspiring protocol will be cake. The psychology of dieting is more complex than that and is more involved than just following a cookie-cutter formula. Everyone is different and there is a lot of emotion and other lifestyle components involved with this process that don't get recognized.

Some of the more modern diets are starting to recognize that everyone is different and that maybe their style will not suffice for all people of different shapes, sizes and walks of life. The successful diets of the future will perfect this thought process.

The term diet will always be around, but it will likely be replaced with the term “lifestyle modification” to stress the fact that successful diets are not a one and done deal. They are a way of living that optimizes one's health. The choice way of living will likely be different from person to person. Each person has different ancestors, blood type, medical history, exposure to toxins and various other life stresses and factors that will need to be accounted for.

The diet of the future will take all of these factors into account and will not claim to be a one size fits all deal. In order to carry out a diet of the future, you may have to complete blood tests, DNA analysis and possibly other tests that don't exist at a commercial level at this time. To round everything off, you may also be required to have formal emotional and psychological support as part of training you for your new lifestyle.

For many people this is overwhelming, but for those who truly care about getting the most out of life, it will be a small sacrifice.

One diet that seems to be taking this approach is The Blood Code, designed by Dr. Maurer. It would worth reading his book to learn more.


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