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There is a special awareness week for everything these days. Sometimes the ones that seem novel are actually the most important. This current week is mercury-free dentistry week. The goal is to raise awareness that everyone should seek out dentistry care that is mercury free. It is focused on raising awareness of mercury fillings and promoters are trying to make sure people know that they should not be receiving these amalgam fillings. In fact, former recipients may want to have their old amalgam fillings redone in a less toxic manner. This event is heavily promoted by Dr. Mercola, one of the foremost leaders in the wellness world. He will even be matching donations, up to a certain amount, to help fight for the cause.

So you think to yourself, my fillings haven't caused any problems yet. Well, as the movement says “the dangerous truth is finally leaking out” for many people. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that mercury “may cause serious health problems, and is a threat to the development of the child in utero and early in life.” It is on the WHO top 10 list for chemicals of health concern, even for adults.

In more modern times we wonder why everyone has a gluten allergy, a thyroid problem or some other odd endocrine dysfunction. The answer is in our exposure to modern uses of toxins and the creation of new ones to meet industrial needs. An article published in Environmental Health Perspectives, a peer reviewed journal, found an inverse relation between thyroid hormone and presence of mercury. This means that the more mercury you have in your system, the more likely that you may develop hypothyroidism. If you suspect that you have hypothyroidism or are being treated for it, it is wise to have your fillings redone. They could be working against your thyroid treatments.

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