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Screenshot_2020-10-07 Amazon com TODO De

The Best Handheld Massager

This is Dr. Justin's go to handheld massager for at home.

Screenshot_2020-10-07 Amazon com LuxFit

My Favorite Foam Roller

Nothing complex and nothing expensive. It's just the right size to use at home and travel with.

Screenshot_2020-10-07 Amazon com Exercis

My Favorite Exercise Ball

Dr. Justin uses this exercise ball for stretches and exercises, but he mostly uses it for his office chair. Make sure you get the right size.

Screenshot_2020-10-22 Amazon com Core Pr


Dr. Justin likes this pillow because of the multiple options for sleeping positions.

Screenshot_2020-10-22 Amazon com Core Pr

Cervical Block

Dr. Justin uses these block to improve the curve in the neck.

Screenshot_2020-10-22 Amazon com Pointer


Dr. Justin uses this on patients to stimulate trigger points.

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