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Chiropractic Maintenance Care for Low Back Pain

Time is a valuable thing and everyone wants to make the most of their time. Being in pain can greatly reduce your ability to enjoy your life and do the things that you would like to do. Many patients choose that they would like to do some sort of maintenance care to help keep their spine moving well and help keep them active. Maintenance care can be a time saver.

Many individual feel a subjective improvement in their mobility and they also feel that their pain stays reduced when they are under some sort of chiropractic maintenance treatment, but sometimes the science behind this can be hard to track down. More research is done each year to prove that there are benefits to doing chiropractic maintenance care and the results are promising.

A study published in Plos One in 2018 found that people with a history of low back pain who did maintenance care did have less days of pain each month compared to another group that were treated only when pain episodes occurred.

This suggests that if you are under chiropractic treatment, it may be more efficient to be treated on a regular basis. This should be decided between you and your chiropractor in order to not just help with current low back pain, but prevent episodes from occurring

Everyone requires different types and different levels of chiropractic treatment. Please talk with your chiropractic about if some sort of maintenance care would by right for you, and if so, what that would entail.

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The Nordic Maintenance Care program
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