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April Office Newsletter

Spring is on the way and that means lots of yard work could be in our future. Click here to read Dr. Justin’s top 10 tips for preventing back pain in the garden.

FREE Tomato Plants

Last year we gave away over 300 tomato plants in the office and we plan to do the same this year. The little tomato seedlings are growing beautifully at the Gianni house. They will be outside the front of the office for anyone to come grab a couple sometime in mid April. This may seem late to some, but in our area it is possible to get plant killing frosts all the way up until mid April and I do not recommend planting warm weather plants before that date. Lowe’s and Home Depot will be selling tomato plants well before this, but they know you will just come buy more from them if they get frozen. We will send another notice when we get close to having the plants at the office to pick up.

Time off

We love seeing our patients, but every once in a while it is great to spend a couple days in a row outside in the fresh air. This year we will be closed on April 13th and the 14th (Tuesday and Wednesday). We will be back in the office on Thursday and may possibly extend hours Friday and Saturday to meet appointment demands. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you

As always, thank you so much for being an amazing patient! Without you we would not be able to keep our beautiful office up and running and help as many people as we get to. We love being a part of the community and are happy to serve this area.

Call/text today at 919-335-5954 Or make and appointment here

In good health,

Dr. Justin


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