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Vitamin D is a highly discussed topic these days. In our office we feel that Vitamin D can have great benefits for certain patients. Due to all of the questions surrounding Vitamin D, it has been highly researched lately. Fortunately, virtually all of the research has supported the use of Vitamin D for various issues and for various benefits.

Decreased vitamin D causes B-cell activity to increase in Multiple Sclerosis patients. B-cell activity is not a good thing.

Increased levels of Vitamin D are correlated with a decreased risk for multiple types of cancer.

No risk for cardiovascular disease was found to be present with Vitamin D

usage and/or calcium usage.

Vitamin D can help increase muscle strength in post-menopausal women.

Vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy and early childhood can reduce aeroallergen sensitivity.

This research re-affirms what we already knew about Vitamin D in many cases. Vitamin D has clear immune, neurological and other physiological benefits. Yes, it is important to avoid sunburns this summer, but a little sunlight can go a long way. Most of us spend enough time outside to get burnt in a single day, but not enough time over the course of a year to get the appropriate vitamin D. If you are not taking Vitamin D you need to ask your doctor what the correct dosage is for you.

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